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Virtual tours

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Virtual tours help present all the features and benefits of objects, premises, spaces more extensively. Using a phone or a tablet, you can feel the cozy atmosphere created by the designers even in an empty room. You just need to open the dynamic image and direct your phone / tablet in the desired direction.

To provide this service, we need the following*:

- floorplan (DWG file preferred)
- style/mood of the project
- some references**
- color accents

*You can add all this information when ordering. 

**Use our mood board to express your ideas. This will help us to find out more about the features of the project and provide the best result in the shortest time possible. 

Time depends on the amount of work
Prices on request
  • 360° virtual tour
  • up to 2 changes
  • help with style and references, mood board
  • package of extra changes + 30%
  • lightning options (day/night) + 20$ per render


Digital Interior Design