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Virtual renovation without staging

Virtual renovation without staging

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Real estate buyers often differ by taste, generation, cultural background, and many more criteria. Virtual renovation and remodeling is an amazing tool that opens a possibility to make any real estate look good to any client, regardless of their taste. Without the need to physically renovate/rebuild the property it is possible to update most of the elements that create an overall image of the home, including walls, paint, kitchen, flooring, ceiling, backyard, and many more. You can easily turn any place either into a minimal, cozy, and humble-looking home or into luxury real estate, just as your client wishes.

Ordering this service, please provide the following*:

- original image of the space/property
- floorplan (DWG file preferred)
- write in comments what exactly needs to be renovated

*You can add all this information when ordering. 


Time turnaround up to 1-2 days
Prices 40$/per one image
  • high-quality image
  • up to 2 changes
  • 1 package of extra changes + 10$


Digital Interior Design