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Olga Zasmolina is founder and designer at the Digital Interior Design LLC. She uses her experience in project management, service, virtual staging, and 3D visualization to aid her clients in the real estate industry, as well as her design and architecture colleagues. From her previous career (working in the travel industry for 10 years) Olga has developed exceptional talents in the field of customer service, which helps correctly identify the client's needs and suggest the best option. Additionally, during regular business trips to European countries (France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Montenegro, Croatia, etc.) and African countries, Olga studied the cultures of countries through the prism of architecture and design. In addition to studying the cultural heritage, she had the opportunity to get acquainted with modern interior design in large chain hotels, as well as exclusive boutique hotels and apartments. This was the start of the admiration of design and architecture. When the pandemic made its adjustments to tourism, Olga saw this as an opportunity to change occupation and started studying 3D graphics intensively. Two months later, she received her first virtual house staging order in New York.

Today Olga is receiving her second degree, this time in Architecture (the first is Economics and Management). She constantly improves her knowledge and skills in the development of planning solutions and 3D visualization software and also studies the intricacies of world design.

Over the past 3 years, Olga has been doing virtual home staging as a freelancer, as well as doing 3D interior visualization and development of design solutions in an architectural bureau. Combining her skills in structural management, quality visualization, and creativity, Olga created a Digital Interior Design company. She makes sure that clients from all over the world receive the highest quality result in a short time, and that cooperation with Digital Interior Design is convenient. She is multilingual, fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, and also learns Italian and French, which allows her to communicate effectively with clients from all over the world.


Digital Interior Design