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2D basic floor plan (black and white)

2D basic floor plan (black and white)

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If you want it clean and simple, 2D black and white floor plan will help you showcase the property's layout with minimal effort. Clean, uncomplicated, and, most importantly, exact. This is the best way to let your potential clients estimate the size and layout of the premises. Everything essential - room names, distances, measurements, and all surfaces - is included in this 2D floor plan of your real estate.

Ordering this service, please provide the following information*:

- a hand-drawn plan or a low-quality plan that needs to be improved

​​​​​​​*You can add all this information when ordering. 

Time On request
Prices On request
  • high-quality planning
  • up to 1 change
  • 1 package of extra changes + 5%


Digital Interior Design